Photograph taken by    Maciej Dakowicz    in Kolkata, India,

Photograph taken by Maciej Dakowicz in Kolkata, India,


I live in Felixstowe on the east coast of England with my husband, cats and dogs.

I am interested in capturing unusual moments, juxtapositions, ironies, comedies, colour and light, and life in general. Sometimes I am interested in people, other times in animals, other times in landscapes. Forget trying to pigeon-hole me, there’s too much diversity around us to be narrowly focused on one thing.

My approach is to try to tell stories - I like to make a new story out of a single frame, or several frames together. But that means you have to do some work too. As with all story-telling the reader, or in this case, you the viewer, participates in the story telling. I provide the characters, the scene and the props, and you make up the story in your mind.

My “epiphany” moment came to me in October 2014 on the banks of the river Ganges in Varanasi, India, when I realised just how much I loved the blend of travel, light, colour and discovering those special “moments” in life. I hope you enjoy looking at my images!

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I’m also learning how to paint at the moment, but it may be a while before you see any of that…

Interviews and articles

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In 2017, I was one of the organisers and the event photographer for the inaugural London Street Photography Festival.

Charity work

June 2016 – London Pride official volunteer photographer

July 2017 – London Pride official volunteer photographer