I live in Felixstowe on the east coast of England with my husband, cats and dogs. I am a visual explorer slowly working my way round our amazing planet and documenting it through photography and painting.

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Felixstowe, 2019

Felixstowe, 2019

As a painter, I am interested in colour relationships and the connections between constructions, land and sea. Whereas my photography is very precise, my paintings are the opposite, they are very imprecise or abstract. This approach allows me to slow down and really see what is in front of me and respond to that. I came to painting late in my artistic life, only recently in fact. My paintings tend to evolve from “al fresco” watercolour sketches of the landscape or from photos I’ve taken on location; both of which I use to inform (but not dictate) a final abstract painting, mostly in acrylic although I may add other random media. Or they just come from nowhere.

My “epiphany moment in painting came in March 2019 when a representation of Felixstowe Port emerged from the canvas. After this, I understood that the painting chooses you. You may start by laying down the paint, there is then a push and pull dynamic while you find the scene, but after that struggle the painting seems to emerge and take a life of its own.

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I am a member of Colchester Art Society, a friend of the Institute of East Anglia Artists, and listed in the Art in East Anglia directory.


Photograph taken by    Maciej Dakowicz    in Kolkata, India,

Photograph taken by Maciej Dakowicz in Kolkata, India,

As a photographer, I am interested in capturing unusual moments, juxtapositions, ironies, comedies, colour, light, and life in general. Sometimes I am interested in people, other times in animals, other times in landscapes. I like whatever is happening in front of me at the time. What I really want to capture is the stuff you miss when you blink.

My approach is to try to tell stories - I like to make a new story out of a single frame, or several frames together. But that means you have to do some work too. As with all story-telling the reader, or in this case, you the viewer, participates in the story telling. I provide the characters, the scene and the props, and you make up the story in your mind.

Alison - Varanasi 1.JPG

My “epiphany” moment came in October 2014 on the banks of the river Ganges in Varanasi, India, when I realised just how much I loved the blend of travel, light, colour and discovering those special “moments” in life. I hope you enjoy looking at my images!

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Charity work

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