Optic Nerve Collective

OPTIC NERVE LOGOAlong with a bunch of very talented people, I am a member of Optic Nerve Street Photography Collective.


Optic Nerve is an international street photography collective that likes to blur the boundaries between street and other areas of photography such as documentary, reportage, urban landscapes, portrait, events and anything else we feel like doing.  In fact, we don’t need definitions, we just want to show you our stories! 

The collective came together in 2017 with the intention that, through our shared interests and goals in street photography, we could achieve together, as a diverse group of people, more than we could achieve alone.  Future ventures may include exhibitions, collaborated projects, zines, books, public competitions, print sales and charity work.

We would love to work with other collectives / groups / organisations, so if you have any ideas about any ventures, or would like to work with us in some way, please get in touch!


More information on our website: http://www.opticnervecollective.com/

And social media:



Alison - Felixstowe